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Sustainability through design and automation

Sustainability is a key component of Nexus.

We will partner with companies and organisations striving for a sustainable, decarbonised approach. Using modern methods of construction the processes are quicker and more efficient which in turn reduces the amount of raw materials required and an energy efficient product.

Based within a controlled and educated environment we can ensure all environmental regulations are being met and strive for continual improvement within this key area.

At present traditional methods of construction emissions account for over 45% of all carbon emissions in the UK.



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"Professor John Barrett and Thomas Wiedmann modelled the greenhouse gas emissions of an average new build house in the UK, using either offsite or onsite building techniques. They found that replacing on-site with off-site construction would cut the greenhouse gas emissions by “17% to 30%"





Our sustainable approach to a modern method of construction



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Projects are produced in controlled factories which recycle up to 94% of the all materials that they use. This can have a significant cost of saving on the project estimated to be between 2%-3%.


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Typically we use 67% less energy than traditionally-built projects. This is a massive energy saving for building projects, consequently lowering the carbon footprint of whole projects.



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At NEXUS we can reduce the overall time to complete a project by as much as 30%. This benefits the client and the environment with less disruption and an overall cleaner build.  Arriving on site with a 90% complete product results in fewer construction pollutants which run into local waterways and minimal disruption to the surrounding area. This has a positive effect on wildlife as construction projects can be extremely disruptive for small mammals, birds and invertebrates.


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Our system has the added benefit of thermal efficiency for the whole life of the build. It also will minimise air leakage and have lower running costs overall for the end user. This reduces the long-term carbon emissions of the property, something that can be significant on large modular structures like student accommodation.