Volumetric Constructions

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The Nexus team is highly committed to delivering high quality modular units to construction projects up and down the country and indeed, around the world.

Our volumetric methods can be delivered to a wide range of sites, and are especially advantageous for restricted building sites, or sites where space and sound restrictions are not conducive to quick building. With our modules being primarily comprised of structural steel and concrete, this enables the construction to go up to 20 storeys if necessary.

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 volumetric building


Sustainable Volumetric Construction

Nexus carry out volumetric constructions solutions, and can deliver to any construction site in the UK, or abroad.

Our philosophy is based on increased efficiency and sustainability.
By completing 90% of the construction and furnishing at our manufacturing plant, we can make the entire process more regimented and efficient. We serve a wide range of sectors and types of housing.

Our three main sectors are commercial, residential and student accommodation.


If your project needs modular construction solution in the UK or Worldwide, contact us by email at info@nexusvms.com

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