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Our system incorporates flexible design, robust structure primarily structural steel and concrete, produced with speed and precision using modern methods of manufacturing.

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Traditional to modern methods of construction are seamlessly bridged by NEXUS and we have vast and worldwide experience in designing and constructing offsite facilities in excess of 1,300,000ft2.


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Within the offsite industry we have also produced 15 modular projects to a value of over £300 million, in the UK, China and around the world.


We have extensive experience in site installation and with off-site modular construction it is advantageous for restrictive, cramped building sites, which gives an added advantage with land acquisition.



The Nexus Process: Modular, Volumetric Construction

design phase

Design Phase

Taking architectural drawings and transitioning the design for manufacture and assembly (DFMA)  using digitalised production drawings. 

factory assembly

Factory Assembly

Modular construction can be specifically designed to suit each operation and industry producing modules with efficiency, utilising automation and precision in line with the applicable health and safety industry standards.

off-site operational plan

Operational phase

Creating and implementing an operational plan which covers all elements such as recruitment, training, supply chain, programming, industry certification and factory infrastructure.


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Site Installation

Modules are delivered to site with the interior 90% complete, most of the exterior auxiliary components complete such as cladding brackets inspected and quality assured, leaving only minimal work on site – a major advantage of volumetric module construction. A small team of specialised installers complete the placement of each module, as well as necessary connections and remaining finishes. 

Start Process



MMC Advantages  

  • Up to 90% in-factory module completion with only minor module finishes needed at site
  • Up to 50% faster project completion for the superstructure
  • No risk of adverse weather delays and during installation on site each modular unit is sealed
  • Reduced waste – and up to 95% of all generated waste is recyclable
  • Mass volume capabilities resulting in cost-saving amplified in scale production
  • Manufactured buildings are safer for workers as all operations are carried out at one level
  • Offsite construction is less labour intensive with easier use of automotive processes compared to traditional builds
  • Offsite construction offers greater manufacturing precision and quality




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System Advantages in our Modular Constructions

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 Strength and Stability

Adequate strength and stability to resist applied vertical loads and transfer lateral loads to shear walls.

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Thermal Performance

Meeting the requirements of national standards and regulations.

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 Behaviour in Relation to Fire

Walls, floors and ceilings of the modules provide adequate fire resistance.


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Our design of the system will adequately limit the risk of surface condensation.

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Acoustic Performance

Correct design and detailing will provide sufficient sound resistance.

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The system components are durable and assessed as capable of achieving a minimum design life of 60 years.?